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Alumini Testimonials

  • My experience gotten from anointed provision was good and reliable. We got to meet new friends and a comfortable environment. Living in Cyprus has its ups and down.Read more

    Mark Njapdze, Cameroon
  • Words alone can't express my feeling of gratitude to APES for your devotion to help others just as was in my case. Thank you for being a trust worthy companion.Read more

    Agbor Valarie, Cameroon
  • My Experience with Anointed provision Education services (APES) were a good and reliable one. I got to meet new friends when I got to Cyprus and our environment is a comfortable one. Living in Cyprus is good, this has thought me to be much more responsible than i use to be. It made me be alert of things i need to do for myself rather than fully depending on my family for everything. My experience in Cyprus has thought me to be supportive as well. Cyprus is a great place for studies. Above all i must say Cyprus is a wonderful place.Read more

    Anna Awumbom, Cameroon