5 must-haves in a new home

5 must haves

 Are you preparing to move into a new home in a foreign country? Today we discuss the 5 must-haves in a new home. These are five things you must have in your new house. Before diving into discussing these things, let’s take some time to list out some of the important things a new house should have. 

1. Curtains

2. Dinning set

3. Audio system

5. Airconditioning system

6. Garden equipment

7. Dishes

Let us discuss some of the 5 must-haves in a new home

1. A cushion: A cushion can be defined as a piece of comfortable seating furniture in your apartment. Whether it is 3 seater or 2-seater cushion, a cushion provides a sense of rest in an apartment.

2. A refrigerator: Refrigerators are not only designed to keep things cool and fresh but they are also designed to satisfy the psychological need of knowing you have something to eat when you need to. There are different types of refrigerators, but we recommend refrigerators that have at least two separate compartments: one for the deep freezer and one for the normal cool. Maybe you will like to check out LG’s latest refrigerator we do believe this is one of the best refrigerators out there for you.

3. A television: Televisions do not only give relaxation, they also initiate discussion in the house. Trust me, It is important to live in a house where everyone is not just silent. Conversations are important in houses. Television is one of those household appliances designed to initiate joyful conversations in the house. We recommend Samsungs Neo QLED 4K TV This piece of technology is awesome and can get anyone talking about a movie.

4. Gas cooker: Gas cookers as the name imply are used for cooking. A house must be welcoming *Smiles. In Africa, when you visit someone, you expect a special welcome with something to snack on. The gas cooker ensures fresh food is made available for the family at all times.

5. Something to sleep on (Mattress): After a hard day’s job, you definitely will need to rest your head. No best place to rest your head than the Mypillow Topper mattress 

In my own opinion, these are the 5 must-haves in a new home. Do you think i missed something? Kindly send me an email to update this list. 

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