Student life: how do I furnish my house on a low budget?

How to furnish your house

Living as a student far away from home, you are likely going to have to answer the question “how do I furnish my house on a low budget?” The need to furnish a house and the fact of a low budget never goes together. A finished house brings settlement and definitely increases motivation to do better in your classes. For this reason, we have gathered some easy ways to furnish your house with a low budget.

Student life is challenging and we just need to get some things off as soon as possible in other to face the daily challenges of living as students. You may need to read 5 must-haves in a new home as we will build on this existing article. So let’s dive in.

How do I furnish my house on a low budget?

  1. Having a low budget is not being poor: So many times people assume that having a low budget is being poor. This is a wrong assumption and must be taken out of the way. You see, once you think you are poor, nothing around you satisfies you anymore and this leads to becoming actually poor. This is true because, once you are no longer satisfied with things around you, you begin buying things you actually do not need in other to fill that emotional/psychological gap. The video below is from the book Rich dad poor dad. It might help you overcome this problem in case you are stuck in one.
Student life

So, never buy anything you really do not need, because you think you are poor. Let’s stick with the 5 must-haves in a new home

2. Make a short market survey before buying: A market survey is when a prospective customer visits different stores to compare prices and or quality. Take time to move around, ask questions, surf the net on stores around you having a promo sale, or just the best stores for affordable products. I remember buying a cushion for 450USD on a Friday and visiting another store next to my house on Saturday and finding the same cushion for 320USD. I felt so sad because I had spent more on the same furniture. It is important to understand that student life is student life! You are a student there, the locals have more knowledge than you do. So sometimes you need to observe the locals and know where they buy from. This brings us to our last point, friends with the locals.

3. Make friends with the locals: One lesson I learned as a student in Europe is that most locals have special stores they buy from whereas students just buy from any visible store around them. Most stores you see around your schools are set up with the goal of harvesting money from students(foreigners). The locals know these, and since they have stayed longer than you on that land, they know exactly where to get the affordable and high-quality items. So, synchronize with the local.

4. Get one item at a time: Still sticking to the 5 must-haves in a new home, create a priority list. In fact, I do believe that you should have a priority list in all you do. The best way to create a priority list is to make a rough list of all you need to buy and assign weights to them. You can have a weight scale of 1 to 10, where 1 signifies most important and 10 is less important. Stick to your priority list and buy them one at a time depending on their importance.

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