Study Abroad: 5 top lessons and experiences of students

Are you considering to study abroad? Before you complete your plans and decided what is good for you, here are some advice gathered from our students abroad. So, if you are set and ready to study abroad, do not fail to read and digest these lessons.

  1. How to get a study abroad opportunity? Knowing and understanding an advertised opportunity is important in ensuring you do not get stranded in a foreign country. Many international students studying abroad reported they had been misled by an advertisement published by a supposed agent. One student testified she was told she needed to pay only 2,100USD to study abroad, but when she arrived she was told by the school she had to pay 5100USD for that same semester. This led her into depression.
study abroad

She regrets going through that agency and advises prospective students wishing to study abroad to always ask questions about whatever they do not understand.

2. Research about the proposed country: Many students seeking to study abroad fail to make a research about the proposed country. In fact, before leaving your country, you are advised to make in-depth research on the country you are planning to visit.

Study abroad
Study abroad

Search the internet for the language they speak, their religion, the political situation in the country, the rating of other students about the country, etc. This is a must-do. Some students have reported going into a country with so many expectations, but when they reached there they realized the country was far worst than their own home country. Make your research before choosing a study abroad destination.

3. Know about the school you are going to: Many schools overseas have hidden charges. It is advised you know about the school you are planning to study in. Get to find out if your planned course is accredited. Do not rely on the words of the agent or the school themselves, you can source information by yourself on websites like the US Department of Education website for USA-based schools. For other schools search the database of the Education department. This information is freely available online. You can also contact us if you wish to know the accreditation status of any university.

4. Prepare yourself psychologically: Abroad is not all rosy as many agents would present it. There are challenges everywhere in the world. For this reason, you need to prepare yourself and set the right goals. If you are traveling for only studies, or you are seeking to study and work, you have to know that goal setting is important. In case you do not get a job immediately, what are your plans? In case the type of job available for students is not the type you can do, what other plans do you have? Ensure you have a backup plan, and that you are able to patiently execute your plans no matter how tough it gets.

5. Do not walk along the roadside: This is a famous quote by Pythagoras; a famous philosopher. Walking along the roadside is going along with everyone’s opinion. One lesson I have learned in life is that “you are on your own”. Friends may come around, but they stay with you as long as things are good or as long as your situation does not stay bad for a long time. So, be mature! learn how to make decisions and take responsibility for your actions.

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