Where to travel in May? 4 great things to see in Antalya

Where to travel in May? 4 great things to see in Antalya

It’s no wonder that Antalya is one of Turkey’s most popular vacation spots, thanks to its magnificent hotels, beautiful beaches, and an extensive collection of notable historical landmarks. It’s a year-round destination with bright, sunny summers and moderate winters, so there’s never a poor time to visit this beautiful city on the country’s breathtaking Turquoise Coast.

Antalya is equally popular with couples searching for a romantic break as it is with families looking for that once-in-a-lifetime vacation, so it’s definitely the appropriate spot for you, no matter who you are. So, why not start preparing your ideal Turkey vacation? With this list of the top things to do in Antalya in a day, we’ve made a start for you

  1. The Gate:

The distinctive Hadrian’s Gate is the main entry into Kaleiçi, Antalya’s gorgeous Old Town, and is easily one of the city’s most iconic sites. This historical landmark, which provides the ideal Instagram photo opportunity, was built in AD 130 to honor Emperor Hadrian’s visit to the city.

The gate, which has three marble arches and three massive towers, is part of the world’s best-preserved Hellenistic and Roman town fortifications. On the doorway, you’ll see several finely sculpted sculptures, but when you travel beneath it, glance up at the ceiling to view some of the most amazing carvings.

2. Beautiful Beach

Lara Beach is a lively and attractive resort located close to the east of Antalya. The primary lure to this location is – you guessed it – the beach. It’s sometimes compared to Las Vegas because of its opulent hotels and nonstop entertainment.

Spend some time relaxing on the soft, golden sands of Lara Beach instead of absorbing the busy sights and experiences of city life. With a length of 12 kilometers, you should have no trouble finding the ideal spot to idle away an hour or two. The beach is also Blue Flag certified, so you can be confident that it will be clean and safe to swim in.

3. The great waterfall

The Düden Waterfalls, located just outside of Antalya, are a mesmerizing site to view and reflect Turkey’s amazing natural splendor. The falls are divided into two sections: the Upper Düden Falls, which are located further inland, and the Lower Düden Falls, which are located closer to the river. Not far from Lara Beach, the latter of the two cascades over the clifftop, crashing into the sea below.

You may drive yourself to the falls in 30 minutes, however, there are several day trips available if you really want to get the most out of your visit and learn everything there is to know from an expert guide. A boat journey out on the river is one of the greatest methods to photograph the spectacular lower falls.

4. Beautiful architectures

The city’s Old Town (Kaleiçi), without a doubt one of Antalya’s most popular attractions, is fascinatingly historic and undeniably lovely. Allow yourself to become lost in the small, cobblestone streets, taking in the fascinating Ottoman architecture along the way. Among the sea of white-washed houses and characteristic terracotta roofs, you’ll find a variety of stores, galleries, restaurants, and boutique hotels.

Throughout the Old Town, you’ll find lovely squares with inviting restaurant seating spilling out onto the streets and historical landmarks as the focal point. The distinctive Saat Kulesi, a 19th-century clock tower with rough stone walls, is a must-see. As you go around Old Town, you’ll notice it prominently on the skyline.

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